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  1. Will students who have been trained to use SPSS 25 will need to be retrained to use the new interface? To what extent will this impact upon course materials and books they already have?

    • Hi Malcolm – Users who are familiar with v25 will have no problems with the new UI. All of the syntax and the analyze functions are the same with minor cosmetic differences. Indeed, there are nice major benefits of the new UI, and these features will be introduced via a new in-product tutorial. And just like for every new version, course materials and books should be updated, but the fundamentals taught by the older materials will work just fine. I will posting a short demo video of the new UI on this community soon to give concrete examples of what’s new and what remains the same.

  2. It is not allowing me the ability to do the fix. I need the Bayesian extension for a school project.

    • Hi – This fixpack is an optional download for current users of v25. It fixes bugs and improves performance, but it does not provide Bayesian functionality. If you need the new Bayesian procedures, you will need to obtain version 25 and ensure you have the “Advanced Statistics” module. If you obtained your software originally from your school, I recommend going back and asking them for the right download and license. Hope that helps.

      • I just bought v25 from Student discount. Please advise how to download Bayesian now

        • Hi – Bayesian is in the Standard and Premium versions of Gradpack. So, if you purchased either of those you are set. You should see Bayesian on the “Analyze” menu. If you don’t see Bayesian because you purchased the Base Gradpack, you’ll need to go back to Student Discounts to see if you can upgrade. Hope that helps.

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