On September 22nd we announced upcoming changes to the Licensing Portal targeted at improving user experience with the tool. As a first step, we have already made access to License Key Center easier by adding links to the Support Page and Passport Advantage. You can refer to our previous blog with steps to access License Key Center.

In the next couple weeks we will be releasing additional updates and improvements to the License Key Center. Among them you will see these updates that should make your experience with License Key Center easier and more efficient:

• LIVE AS OF NOVEMBER 15, 2017: Easier access to the License Key Center with a bookmarkable link

• Improved user experience through simplifying key creation process by optimizing number of clicks

• Intuitive page review for license prior to generation

• Improved arrangement of products and versions on page

Please note that we will be adding more improvements in the coming months including a modernized look and feel. The below screenshots of the updated license code generation show the initial set of improvements that will subsequently be further refined / updated and we will be sure to let you know of what is coming.

When you go into LKC you will be able to quickly and intuitively select the correct offering and edition line (i.e. SPSS Statistics Premium):

After that, you will select the needed version – please note that the layout conveniently separates the supported and unsupported versions for greater clarity:

Upon selecting the version, you can now begin the process to generate an authorized or concurrent use code:

Then, select the codes to license:

Generating a code is easy – an intuitive layout with all your selections on one page:

After making selections, you can review and generate code!

We will be updating this blog post with exact dates and more improvements. Please be sure to check back on our community page to keep abreast of the latest updates.

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