The SPSS Statistics Preview has generated a lot of excitement, and the top question we’ve received is “when can I try it?”. Today is the day!

Starting today, all trials of SPSS Statistics Subscription will include the option to download the new Preview. This is a special early Preview – lots of additional features and improvements will be added before the version is finalized – but we want your feedback early so the Preview can be perfected for you, our users.

The Welcome screen of the Preview…Notice the important links on the lower left

Here’s how to get it:

  • If you’re already a SPSS Statistics Subscription customer, simply visit MyIBM Products and Services to download the Preview.
  • If you’re not yet a Subscriber, simply begin a trial of the Subscription by visiting the Marketplace and clicking the Trial link. Follow the prompts to start the trial and download the Preview.
You’ll see the download option for the Preview on the right hand side. Note that you’ll be able to download and run both the current and the preview versions together on the same machines.

After you install be sure to:

  1. Begin the “SPSS Exploration” tutorial for a brief introduction of the new features
  2. Need help or want to discuss? Chat with other Preview users on the Preview Community Forum
  3. Give feedback to us often from the URL on the welcome screen

2 comments on"Everyone can try the SPSS Statistics Preview today!"

  1. I was unable to run both, it only let me run the newer preview version

  2. Bernard Freund June 19, 2018

    Is this accessible internally to IBMers as well? I installed SPSS Statistics from the Mac@IBM store, but how can I get the new UI (Preview)?

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