I’m excited to announce an update is available to the beta Preview of SPSS Statistics Subscription. This update adds major features including:

  • A brand new Chart Builder with a new charting engine
  • Bayesian Statistics (introduced in v25)
  • Find and Replace in the Data Editor
  • Ability to open files via drag/drop
  • Data operation features of Weight Cases, Sort Case, Sort Variable, Transpose, Restructure, Split File, and Aggregate
  • Some pivot table functions including edits and transposing
  • Updates to syntax editor and output viewer

The update also adds new statistics never before found in earlier versions of SPSS. All of these statistical features are directly from beta user feedback, so keep the feedback coming. New features include:

  • New Covariance Type structures for GENLINMIXED, ARH1 & CSH, Random Effects
  • New Covariance Type structures for GENLINMIXED, ARH1 & CSH, Repeated Effects
  • Kenward – Rogers Degree of Freedom method for GENLINMIXED
  • Degree of Freedom Method control in MIXED, adding Kenward – Rogers Degree & Residual methods
  • Kronecker Covariance structures, UN_AR1, UN_CS, UN_UN, for Repeated Effects in GENLINMIXED
  • Kronecker Covariance structures, UN_AR1, UN_CS, UN_UN, for Repeated Effects in MIXED

Give the new update a try by updating your installation today. Don’t have SPSS Statistics Subscription? Then start a trial or consider becoming a Subscriber today.

Have feedback on the new UI? We’re want to hear it. Please share your feedback here.

6 comments on"SPSS Statistics Subscription Beta Update"

  1. Hi Dough

    How can IBM Business Partners get access to the Subscription software similar to accessing software on the software access catalogue?


    • Hi Roger – As a IBM Business Partner, the best way is to begin a trial by following the links above. Then, contact your business partner rep.

  2. Carlos Gomes May 07, 2018

    As in option of subscription there is a reference to Complex Samples & Testing Users, can you please inform if it refers to a new module for the Statistics or what is the correspondence with the modules avaiable in the normal licenses.

    • Here is a breakdown of everything that is in each of the 3 modules of SPSS Statistics Subscription. Complex Sampling & Testing includes Complex Samples, Exact Test, Categories, Conjoint, and Missing Values are included within this add-on.

  3. Doug, new visualization engine looks great, will there be a tool in the new Statistics for programming custom graphics? Current option gives exacly what is already available in the GUI. Will there be support for d3.js for example?

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