SPSS Statistics Custom Tables with the option to view the data live

Starting today, the new UI is now generally available to all SPSS Statistics Subscribers. This milestone adds major features including:

  • Custom Tables with an updated user interface*
  • Additional chart types within chart builder*
  • Repeated Measures Bayesian ANOVA*
  • Interactive Status Bar*
  • Fully translated to 12 languages
  • Adds most common keyboard shortcuts
  • Fully supported by IBM technical support

* These features are new and not found in any previous version of SPSS Statistics.


  • I’m not a Subscriber, how can I try the new UI? Begin a 14-day trial here and download the new version.
  • I am a current Subscriber, how can I download the new UI? Head to MyIBM to download the new version.
  • Can I use the classic UI and the new UI together? Yes! You can install and run both together on the same system.
  • I want to become a Subscriber. How can I? Fantastic! Visit the IBM Marketplace to purchase.
  • I don’t want to become a Subscriber. When can I get the new UI? That will be announced soon. Keep watching this community for the latest announcements. In the meantime, we encourage you to try via 14-day trial.
  • I found a bug / I have a suggestion. Where can I submit feedback? Please do so here.
  • The new UI is missing some functionality – what gives? The new UI is actively in development. Keep updating your software to ensure you have the latest features, and submit feedback if something is essential to your work. Plus, you can use the classic version until those features are available in the new version.
  • Is this version backwards compatible? Yes! Just like every release, this version is backwards compatible with all previous syntax.
  • Am I going to have to learn SPSS Statistics all over again? The new interface includes some changes, but 99% of your SPSS knowledge will still apply. After taking our in-product 5 minute tutorial, you’ll have all the knowledge you need to use this most efficient version of SPSS ever.

2 comments on"New UI is now generally available in SPSS Statistics Subscription"

  1. Lester Torres October 27, 2018

    When SPSS Statistics 26 will be available?

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