IBM SPSS Statistics offers a variety of options to meet your analytic needs. In this post we will cover how you can identify which license model is right for you – a Subscription plan or a Traditional Software License. We’ll also explain the bundles, modules, and add-on options you can purchase.

To help you decide which license model is best for you, review the following table which outlines the essential differences between the Subscription and Traditional License models:

Subscription License
SPSS Statistics Subscription consists of the Base edition with the option to purchase three additional add-ons. The add-ons are referred to as Custom Tables & Advanced Statistics, Complex Sampling & Testing, and Forecasting & Decision Trees. The statistical features and functionality included in the Base edition and each of the add-ons can be found here.

You can purchase a monthly or annual SPSS Statistics Subscription plan online with your credit card or with the assistance of an IBM seller. Visit the product page to learn more and buy. After your purchase is complete and you’ve installed the Subscription application, you will need to sign into the application with your MyIBM username and password. The good news is you no longer need a traditional software authorization code when you purchase a subscription plan. However, you will require internet access to use the application but there is also a 14-day offline grace period in case you need to use your subscription on the go.

Traditional Software License
The Traditional Software License option also starts with a Base edition but gives you the ability to upgrade functionality with additional bundles, or individual modules. The additional bundles consist of Standard, Professional, and Premium. Everything that is included in Base is included in the Standard bundle, the Professional bundle includes all the functionality in the Standard bundle, and the Premium bundle includes everything in Professional bundle. Each bundle consists of modules, which the modules can also be purchased separately with the Base. The statistical features and functionality included in Base, Standard, Professional, and Premium can be found here.

You can customize your purchase of SPSS Statistics Traditional software license with the assistance of an IBM seller. Visit the product page to learn more – look for the “contact us” button to reach a seller. After your purchase is complete, you will need to download the application and unlock it with a traditional software authorization code. Internet access is not required to use your traditional software license.

3 comments on"Identify the SPSS Statistics package that’s right for you"

  1. Jae Woo Park June 04, 2019

    I am a psychological methodology professor in South Korea.
    SPSS & AMOS is main tool for me to teach on.
    Recently, an open source such as JAMOVI could be a threat to SPSS marketing.
    However powerful SEM app. of AMOS cannot be replaced with open source ones.
    I suggest something new idea.
    If you sell SPSS and AMOS one semester license to students in graduate university cheaply,
    I think that new coustomer group will be created.
    Our students use together a few systems with SPSS & AMOS which the university provided.
    But if the semester license will be sold cheaply, they are going to buy it willingly, I think.

  2. Which product is good for a medical research centre in an university? Is 26 better or 25 will do?

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