IBM SPSS Statistics offers a variety of options to meet your analytic needs. In this post we will cover how you can identify which bundle, module, or add-on is right for you.

SPSS Statistics Subscription consists of the Base edition with the option to purchase three additional add-ons. The add-ons are referred to as Custom Tables & Advanced Statistics, Complex Sampling & Testing, and Forecasting & Decision Trees. The statistical features and functionality included in the Base edition and each of the add-ons can be found here.

As part of Subscription, users will have access to both the New user interface and the Classic user interface. Note that the New UI does not include all the features that can be found in the Classic UI. Each update of the Subscription New UI includes feature, function, and performance parity enhancements in an approach to become consistent with the Classic UI.

Traditional Licensing
The Traditional License option also starts with a Base edition but gives users the ability to upgrade functionality with additional bundles, or individual modules. The additional bundles consist of Standard, Professional, and Premium. Everything that is included in Base is included in the Standard bundle, the Professional bundle includes all the functionality in the Standard bundle, and the Premium bundle includes everything in Professional bundle. Each bundle consists of modules, which the modules can also be purchased separately with the Base. The statistical features and functionality included in Base, Standard, Professional, and Premium can be found here.

For additional product and pricing considerations, please visit the SPSS Statistics Product page.

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