We are pleased to announce the May 2019 update for SPSS Statistics Subscription new user interface. This update includes major features across algorithms, visualization, and output management.

Below are highlights of this update:

New algorithm: Quantile Regression (included in the Custom Tables and Advanced Statistics add-on)
How to find it: Analyze -> Prediction and Association -> Quantile Regression

New data visualizations for Chart Builder: Radar, Theme River, Time Plot, Multi-Chart, Circle Packing Chart, and Bubble Chart

We’ve also added Output Management. This set of features from the classic version is now called “Export Rules” and has been completely redesigned to make it easier to use. It allows you to create and manage rules around what and how to export your output.
How to find it: Utilities -> Create Export Rules

Lastly, you will also notice performance improvements when working with larger data sets and when scrolling through the output viewer.

Each update to the new user interface is a progression towards providing the same capabilities that you know and love in the classic version. If you are not able to find the procedure you need in the new user interface, you can still use the classic version that is included with your SPSS Statistics Subscription.

We hope you enjoy these new updates and invite you to share your feedback by clicking the “Give Feedback” button on the welcome tab.

If you’d like to purchase additional add-ons for your subscription, log into your MyIBM account (https://myibm.ibm.com) and click the “Manage” button for SPSS Statistics Subscription. On the “Overview” tab, locate the blue “Configure and buy” button and follow instructions from there. If you are not sure which add-ons you need, find out here.

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  1. Hello very good afternoon,
    can i ask, if anyone of you know how to produce an output with a full text of label on the chart of the visualization. please help me

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