We are pleased to announce the July 2019 updates for SPSS Statistics Subscription. Both the Classic and Preview applications were updated with important performance improvements and a handful of other adjustments. If you are a current subscriber, we highly recommend you log into your application and accept the new update in order to benefit from these changes right away.

Performance Improvements

The application startup time for both the Classic and Preview applications has been dramatically improved which means you no longer have leisurely time to get coffee after starting the application. If you are running Windows, there is extra good news: the Classic application will no longer freeze your machine during startup (hooray!). We also discovered that Window’s Defender is a factor on your application’s startup time. To read more about how to fix this (and shorten your wait time even more), read this tech note.

Subscription Preview Updates

Continuing to build upon Output Management, this second phase update includes the functionality of being able to edit an export rule, including syntax, as well as reusing an export rule. Read more about how to use export rules on our IBM Knowledge Center.

For data visualization, this updates includes the addition of Evaluation Charts. More information on this chart type can be found in this IBM Knowledge Center article.

This update also includes a new desktop icon for the IBM SPSS Statistics Subscription Preview application. This new icon was designed to represent the intuitive and flexible nature of the Preview application. Now, customers who have downloaded and use both the Classic and the Preview versions of SPSS Statistics can easily differentiate between the two applications on their desktop/taskbar.

Lastly, you will also notice adjustments to the Variable View layout that make it more familiar and easier to read.

Each update to the Preview application is a progression towards providing the same capabilities that you know and love in the Classic version. If you are not able to find the procedure you need, you can still use the Classic version that is included with your SPSS Statistics Subscription.

Subscription Classic Updates

Updates to the Classic application in Subscription consisted of startup performance enhancements, graph formatting and help dialog improvements, as well as several bug fixes.

We hope you enjoy these new updates and invite you to share your feedback by clicking the “Give Feedback” button on the welcome tab. Along with the “Give Feedback” button, IBM has opened a survey to collect feedback from users on feature, statistical algorithm, and other enhancements requests here.

If you’d like to purchase additional add-ons for your subscription, log into your MyIBM account (https://myibm.ibm.com) and click the “Manage” button for SPSS Statistics Subscription. On the “Overview” tab, locate the blue “Configure and buy” button and follow instructions from there. If you are not sure which add-ons you need, read this blog post or visit the product features page.

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