Last year we talked about the various changes happening within IBM’s Data Science & Machine Learning product portfolio (here). We reiterated that SPSS Modeler is a big part of the future of that portfolio. As we continue to advance and improve our offerings, we are sticking to the original design principles of SPSS Modeler. We’ve recreated SPSS Modeler with newer technologies designed by our award-winning IBM Design Team, who has been critical in helping us down this path. This ‘New’ SPSS Modeler is now the visual modeling tool within our Watson Studio offerings (Desktop, Local, Cloud) as well as Watson Studio Premium Add-on for IBM Cloud Pak for Data.

This isn’t the first, or even second time, SPSS Modeler has gone through significant change. We are excited for the future of this great product, allowing customers to still use Modeler as you know it while leveraging the new Modeler alongside open source technologies in Watson Studio if you so choose.

What’s Changing?

The current SPSS Modeler product portfolio has many different available editions and permutations –Subscription, Professional, Premium and Gold. We’re in the process of simplifying those editions by removing Premium from the lineup while adding to the capabilities of Gold. SPSS Modeler Gold will now come with Watson Studio Desktop, available as a separate install at no additional charge, allowing customers the flexibility to more tightly integrate open source modeling into your data science practice when necessary. SPSS Modeler Gold will also have a significant drop in price. Please reach out to your IBM or IBM business partner representatives for more information.

Watson Studio Desktop has been available for over a year as a subscription offering, and it was in development for some time before that. In addition to including the new SPSS Modeler as part of the service, Watson Studio Desktop provides the following benefits:

  • It adds an entirely new graphics engine, which includes more than double the chart options that are currently available in Modeler. A new smart chart recommender highlights the perfect chart for your data, making it quick and easy to share your insights via compelling visualizations.
  • It allows users to leverage open source tools as part of your flow, extending your Modeler streams with Jupyter notebooks to leverage the latest in extensibility and new data science techniques. Line of business users and data scientists can now fully collaborate on the same platform.
  • It provides Text Analytics, allowing you to analyze unstructured data such as reports, web pages, emails and call center notes.
  • And when you’re ready to expand your data science environment, starting with Watson Studio Desktop means you can scale up to private or public cloud environments with Watson Studio Cloud, Watson Studio Local and IBM Cloud Pak for Data. IBM Cloud Pak for Data even includes Watson OpenScale to ensure trust and transparency in your models.

We’re confident that these changes will continue to ensure the IBM Data Science portfolio leads the way in making predictive analytics and augmented intelligence accessible throughout your business. As always, we thank you for joining us on this journey, and we welcome your comments and feedback.

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