We are pleased to announce our latest update for SPSS Statistics Subscription. This update primarily addresses performance and stability issues and includes all fixes from our recent V26 Fixpack 1 release. If you are a current subscriber, we highly recommend you apply the new update to get the most out of your subscription.

How to update your subscription application

Start the application. If you have internet access, the program will automatically search for updates and notify you (screenshot below). You can either update the application then or, if not convenient, any time thereafter by selecting “Help –> Check for updates” and following the prompts. Either way, you will be running the latest version with just a few clicks; no more searching around for Fix Packs or applying authorization codes.

Below is a brief summary of the changes in this update:

Minor Feature Enhancement

This update contains a minor enhancement to the ROC Analysis procedure that shows how well a classification model fits the data compared to a random assignment. The addition of the CLASSIFIER keyword to the PRINT subcommand controls the display of the Classifier Evaluation Metrics table in the output. The table provides the following information:

  • The user-specified test variables
  • Group information
  • Gini Index (the Gini index is 2*AUC – 1, where AUC is the area under the ROC curve)
  • Max K-S and Cutoff values

Usability Improvements

There have been several improvements in graphics:

  • More reliable results pasting data and Microsoft Office Drawing Objects into MS products such as Excel;
  • Improvements to the Chart Editor with regard to histograms and scatter plots; and
  • Changes to the Custom Dialog Builder to facilitate chart generation and deployment

Performance Improvements

You should also notice that the application starts up more quickly than in the past. We also discovered that users with Windows may experience additional startup delays caused by the Windows Defender application (learn more).

macOS Improvements

This update adds support for the enhanced security standards found in the latest macOS, Catalina, as well as a fix related to long-running Statistics processes.


From faster start-up to more stable and reliable performance, we are sure you will find this update up to your expectations. As always, we welcome your input for future enhancements. Please share your feedback on our Ideas Portal or via the subscription application menu by selecting “Help –> Give Feedback” and following the prompts.

Lastly, be sure to request IBM Notifications (IBM id required) so that you can stay up to date on the latest SPSS Statistics news, such as product releases and updates. For Subscription news, enroll here and be sure to set your delivery preferences.