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SPSS Modeler available on IBM Academic Initiative

We are pleased to announce that IBM SPSS Modeler is now available on IBM Academic Initiative. Academic Initiative is IBM's primary mechanism for distributing...

New Plotly Extensions for SPSS Modeler

Announcing three new extensions for SPSS Modeler. These extensions create graphs that are fully interactive and can be shown in any web browser.

Spark + SPSS Modeler: Boosted Trees, K-Means, and Naive Bayes

New extensions for SPSS Modeler using PySpark and MLlib algorithms. Now available on GitHub and the Extension Hub in Modeler 18: Gradient-Boosted Trees,...

SPSS Modeler 2016 Predictive Analytics Workshops

Get hands-on experience with IBM SPSS® Modeler software to help you better understand the distinctive value of its easy-to-use, rapid-prototyping, predictive modeling capabilities.

Create Data Visualizations with rCharts – SPSS Modeler Extension

Download the rCharts Basic Charts extension for SPSS Modeler. This extension uses the rCharts R package to easily create bar, line, and scatter plots ready...

R + SPSS: Installing R Essentials from GitHub

Earlier this week, we released the new versions of SPSS Statistics (version 24) and SPSS Modeler (version 18). With the new product release we...