Julian is a software engineer at IBM, working primarily on Watson Machine Learning and Data Science Experience (DSX). He previously worked for many years on IBM SPSS Modeler.

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Searching For Nodes Using SPSS Modeler Scripting

Using The findAll() Function Most SPSS Modeler scripts include code that locates an existing node e.g.: stream = modeler.script.stream() typenode = stream.findByType("type", None) However, some...

Using SPSS Modeler Scripting To Execute Streams Interactively

In this article, we use SPSS Modeler scripting to generate a stream to scan a named data set for categories in a particular field, present...

Adding New Modules To Jython Scripting In IBM SPSS Modeler

IBM SPSS Modeler supports Python scripting using Jython, a Java[tm] implementation of the Python language. Modeler versions 16 and 17 use Jython 2.5.1 which includes...

SPSS Modeler Performance: cache_compression

Configuration settings associated with IBM SPSS Modeler Server that control its behavior.

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IBM Business Analytics Proven Practices: Introduction to Python Scripting in IBM SPSS Modeler

This document provides an introduction to Python scripting in IBM SPSS Modeler.