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    This page lists books and articles about IBM® SPSS® technology grouped by topic area. Become an author Docs are living documents, If you have a technique, tip, or trick and you’d like to share it with the community, sign up to becoming a contributor on the IBM SPSS Predictive Analytics Community. If you are a…

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    IBM SPSS team is now sharing the extensions for IBM SPSS Modeler and IBM SPSS Statistics onGithub. The goal is to use it as a collaborative platform. We provide transparency and you have access to the source code of the extension so you can get inspiration and ideas to create new ones. http://ibmpredictiveanalytics.github.io Contribution IBM…

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    developerWorks is a free web-based professional network and technical resource center from IBM for software developers, IT professionals, and students worldwide. List of developerWorks Articles about IBM SPSS Software: List IBM Business Analytics Proven Practices: A Framework For Text Classification Using IBM SPSS Modeler This article explores building SVM-based classification framework for text classification. IBM…

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    IBM SPSS DevCentral (Old Community) SPSS Statistics version 23 help in pdf format Data Mining Insights Software Compatibility Charts Raynald's SPSS Tools IBM SPSS Training comp.soft-sys.stat.spss Andrew Hayes macros for SPSS and SAS Blog with Graphics Tips Cross Validated SPSS Statistics Certification Exam  Worldwide IBM Contacts Marta GarcĂ­a-Granero's statistical methodology and SPSS Statistics site SPSS…