The IBM Collaboration and Deployment Services (C&DS) product contains a feature known as the “Scoring Service”, which allows users to obtain a score (e.g. a credit score) from a predictive model in real time. The scoring service is built upon web services, and is ultimately consumed by a web service client, which customers must create. The purpose of this article is to show developers how to build a web service client that communicates with the scoring service. Given the wide range of developer skills, this article provides examples in a variety of programming languages (C++, .Net, Java, HTML, Python) using various programming techniques (SOAP over HTTP, SOAP over JMS, and REST (i.e. JSON over HTTP). Click here to download a set of code examples that accompany this article.

This article assumes some familiarity with IBM® SPSS® Collaboration and Deployment Services (C&DS). Please review the knowledge center documentation for clarification on any unfamiliar terms or concepts.




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