The Programmability Extension (referred to as programmability) was introduced in SPSS 14 with major new features added in SPSS 15, SPSS 16, and SPSS Statistics 17. A number of presentations, by Jon K. Peck, document the development of the technology and provide an introduction to many of the key features.
Please note that the presentations have references to SPSS Developer Central (, which is in the process of being migrated to the SPSS group on My developerWorks.

  • Programmability in SPSS Statistics 17 – SPSS Statistics 17 completes the core programmability building blocks begun in SPSS 14. This presentation reviews the benefits and technology of programmability and shows four examples. – Automating repetitive tasks – An extension command for fancy formatting of pivot tables – Integrating R procedures into SPSS Statistics, complete with user interface – Building a .NET application that uses its own user interface to SPSS Statistics procedures and charts

  • Programmability in SPSS 14, 15 and 16 – This presentation presents a review of the major programmability features in SPSS 14 and 15 and introduces the new programmability features of SPSS 16.

  • Programmability in SPSS 15 – This presentation provides an overview of where programmability started, what features were available in SPSS 14 and what new features were added to SPSS 15. It explains how programmability works, shows where developers can find a host of resources, and provides numerous practical examples.

  • Programmability in SPSS 14 – This presentation was given to introduce users to SPSS 14’s new programmability features. It discusses five new power features in SPSS 14, emphasizing programmability, and contains a number of annotated examples of using programmability (along with other power features).

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