If you would like to share a contribution to the old community way, follow the steps below.   If you would like to share a contribution but not package it as an extension, you can skip the second step, but it will not appear in this download list.  You can indicate which collection it should appear in when you send your note.

First, create your own account on developerWorks.

Second, create an extension bundle (spe file), and upload it to your own files section.  Be sure that it is set to be shared with everyone.  Extension bundles are created in Statistics.

The file must be packaged as an extension bundle, and the posted description must be in a certain format.

To package a file as an extension bundle, at an minimum all you have to do is to use Utilities > Extension Bundles > Create Extension Bundle within Statistics and complete the fields.  This creates an spe file that you would then post. Be sure to indicate any dependencies on the Python and/or R plugin and any specific packages required when you create the bundle.  If you go further and actually create an extension command, that is even better.

The next step is to create the description on developerWorks in a specific format.  The description should look like this.

**Name: the name of the extension;
**Summary: a one line summary;
**Author: your name, your affiliation;
**Version: your version number in the format n.n.n;
**RequiredPlugins:Python and/or R;
**Keywords:a list of keywords for searching;

filling in the fields as appropriate.

  • The name field must be identical to the Name field in the extension bundle definition.
  • The minimum Statistics version must be at least 18, which is when the extension mechanism was introduced.
  • If you update your bundle, be sure to increment the version number so that users will see that an update is available.

Finally, send a note to the community manager requesting that the item be added to the Extension Commands collection.  Include the url for the item.

Thanks for sharing!

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