Revised 3/29/2016 with release of IBM SPSS Statistics 24

The excellent book, “Programming and Data Management for IBM SPSS Statistics 24″ , allows you to gain a better understanding of the depth of features beneath the IBM SPSS Statistics user interface. With this book, you will be able to:

  • Use IBM SPSS Statistics tools to import data, clean data, transform it, merge it with other data, and get it into the condition required to produce reliable models and informative results.
  • Utilize the Python programming language to control the IBM SPSS Statistics command stream.
  • Read from and write to active datasets.
  • Create new datasets.
  • Create custom output.
  • Write custom procedures in R.
  • Create new IBM SPSS Statistics commands–called extension commands–that are implemented in Python or R.

Download ZIP: This zip file contains the Programming and Data Management book for IBM SPSS Statistics 24. The book covers data management using the IBM SPSS Statistics command language, programming with IBM SPSS Statistics and Python or R, IBM SPSS Statistics extension commands, and IBM SPSS Statistics for SAS programmers. The zip file also includes source code for all of the examples used in the book.

Programming and data management 24
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