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The New SPSS Statistics Version 25 Bayesian Procedures

For decades, statistical theorists have debated the merits of the classical or frequentist approach versus the Bayesian approach. Googling Bayesian versus frequentist produces a vast...

SPSS Statistics 25 is now available for purchase

SPSS Statistics 25 is available starting today!

MATRIX Enhancements Survey

We are considering making some enhancements to the SPSS Statistics MATRIX procedure. If interested or a user of MATRIX, please take this survey to provide...

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Easily find the right help with the new SPSS Support Portal

I'm excited to announce a new SPSS Support Portal - your one stop shop for all the ways we can help with your software needs.

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What’s New in SPSS Statistics 25 & Subscription

Summary of the exciting features coming to SPSS Statistics 25 and Subscription.

IBM SPSS Modeler 18.1 — Coding Free Open Source, Seamless Weather Data and Optimization Integration and Text Analytics for Big Data

Today I am happy to announce the release of new versions of the main products in the IBM SPSS Data Science portfolio — IBM SPSS...

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SPSS Statistics Subscription = Easy User Management

Learn how easy user management is with SPSS Statistics Subscription

SPSS Statistics Subscription Update #1

Read what is in the first in-product update for SPSS Statistics Subscription.

Register Today for the SPSS Statistics Beta Program

Register for the IBM SPSS Statistics Beta Program today!

IBM SPSS Statistics Webinar Series

The IBM SPSS Statistics Support Team is hosting three Webinars for our customers on the topics of: - Downloading - Licensing - Getting Support for IBM...