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How to change machines with SPSS Statistics Subscription

Learn how easy it is to move your SPSS Statistics Subscription between machines.

SPSS Modeler available for free for educational usage

Data science and machine learning are hot areas and many students want to learn about these subjects. Many students learn open source programming languages but...

Don’t Panic! Upcoming improvements to Licensing Portal

On July 31 we announced a new SPSS Support Portal that provides a clean and crisp service experience. Our job in improving your experience was...

What’s New in SPSS Amos 25

List of features and changes found in Amos 25.

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Bayesian Correlation is a Distribution: A Bitcoin Example

Let's use SPSS Statistics 25 features to analyze Bitcoin and Etherium behavior in 2016 and 2017.

The New SPSS Statistics Version 25 Bayesian Procedures

For decades, statistical theorists have debated the merits of the classical or frequentist approach versus the Bayesian approach. Googling Bayesian versus frequentist produces a vast...

SPSS Statistics 25 is now available for purchase

SPSS Statistics 25 is available starting today!

MATRIX Enhancements Survey

We are considering making some enhancements to the SPSS Statistics MATRIX procedure. If interested or a user of MATRIX, please take this survey to provide...

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Easily find the right help with the new SPSS Support Portal

I'm excited to announce a new SPSS Support Portal - your one stop shop for all the ways we can help with your software needs.