developerWorks Premium FAQ

As of July 28, 2017, developerWorks Premium is no longer available to purchase. However, if you purchased a Premium membership prior to this date, you can continue to use your benefits until your subscription ends.

developerWorks Premium account

Q: What is developerWorks Premium?

A: developerWorks Premium is an annual membership that gives you access to powerful tools and resources that help you grow your skills and rapidly deliver successful development projects. With cloud credits, educational resources, technical support, and discounts to developer events, you get what you need to build and deploy cloud, mobile, analytics, and other next-generation projects.

Q: Can I transfer my membership to someone else?

A: No. Because the developerWorks Premium membership works with your individual IBM ID, you cannot transfer this membership to anyone else. Your IBM ID is what controls your access to all parts of the program.

Q: Is there a penalty if I want to stop my membership?

A: If you decide to stop your membership to the program, your fee still applies. There are no refunds for stopped memberships. When it is time to renew your membership, you can elect to not renew with no penalty.

Q: I lost my activation email and didn’t activate my membership within the activation time limit. What should I do?

A: Contact IBM at https://ibm.biz/bluemixsupport for help.

Q: What does it mean that the developerWorks Premium benefits are pending?

A: When you receive a message that the program is pending, it means that the set-up process is not complete and your membership has not been activated. Make sure that you’ve clicked on the URL in the activation email to complete the activation process. The benefits are not active until the process is complete.

Q: Membership benefits are shown in USD only. How does the value translate to other countries?

A: For an estimate of the benefit value for other countries, refer to the following table:

Currency 12-month Bluemix subscription plus 240 USD credits Free IBM application developer certification (200 USD value)
USD – US Dollar 240 200
AUD – Australian Dollar 337 263
GBP – British Pound 176 142
BRL – Brazilian Real 1,175 905
CAD – Canadian Dollar 282 235
DKK – Danish Krone 1,705 1,377
EUR – Euro 232 187
INR – Indian Rupee 14,490 12,075
JPY – Japanese Yen 34,272 25,013
NOK – Norwegian Krone 1,863 1,505
NZD – New Zealand Dollar 389 304
ZAR – South African Rand 2,837 2,292
KRW – South Korean Won 312,556 244,365
SEK – Swedish Krona 2,013 1,626
CHF – Swiss Franc 278 225
The above are only indicative estimates — the exact USD equivalents depend on the exchange rate that is used.
IBM Professional Certification has two price points for an exam: (1) Standard test price (2) Reduced test price for lower economic countries (based on the country economic designation by the World Bank). All test prices are subject to change. Prices listed do not include any promotional or discount pricing. Price indicated by Pearson VUE at time of registration is the actual amount charged. For pricing details, visit http://www-03.ibm.com/certify/tests/test_index_price.shtml.
Q: What is a group membership?

A: A group membership is a multi-seat developerWorks Premium membership. Group administrators can then invite users to join that group. Each user within the group has access to all Premium membership benefits.

Q: When does the group membership begin and end?

A: All seats in a group membership begin their usage period on the date the membership is purchased, regardless of when the membership seats are filled. The membership is renewed automatically one year from the date of purchase.

Q: What are the different roles for a developerWorks Premium membership?

A: There are three primary roles within a Premium membership: purchaser, administrator, and user.

A purchaser is the person who actually purchased the membership. As a purchaser, you can access your account in the Marketplace to manage your existing subscriptions. By default, a purchaser is also assigned an administrator role and takes up one seat in the group membership when the purchase is done through the Marketplace. You can change your purchaser role to not have the administrator access. However, without the administrator’s access you are not allowed to access the administrator dashboard and cannot invite others to join the membership.

An administrator is a group user who also has the ability to manage group memberships. You can be an administrator of more than one group membership.

A user is someone who is invited to join a group membership by an administrator.

Administrative functions

Q: As an administrator of developerWorks Premium memberships, what other functions do I have?

A: Administrators of group memberships have the ability to invite users to join their group membership. Also, when you invite a user you have the option to make that user an administrator as well.

Q: How do I invite others to join my developerWorks Premium group membership?

A: To invite others to use a group membership, click the Manage seats link in the developerWorks Premium dashboard. A window will open showing you who is a user within that group. From that window, you can click Invite user to enter the name and email of the user you’d like to invite.

Q: How do I remove others to use my developerWorks Premium membership?

A: After you have invited users to join your group membership, there is no way from the developerWorks Premium page to remove them. You must contact the Bluemix project office to have them removed.

Q: How do I manage the seats in my group membership?

A: To see who is a member of your group, click the Manage seats link in the developerWorks Premium dashboard. A window will open showing you who is a user within that group. Users who have accepted the invitation as well as pending users both appear. Note that only group administrators have access to this link.

Q: I made a mistake in an email address when inviting a user. How can I correct that?

A: If you made a mistake when entering the email address of the user you’d like to invite, you must contact the Bluemix project office to have them remove the user. You can then re-invite the user to join the group.

Q: What does it mean that a user is pending?

A: A user who shows a Pending status in the administrator’s dashboard is someone who has been sent an invitation to join the group membership but who has not yet accepted the invitation. Although pending users have not accepted the invitation, they still take up a seat in the group until they accept the invitation or are removed.

Q: My membership is not allowing me to invite others. Why not?

A: If you can’t invite users to your group membership, make sure all the seats within this membership are not taken. When all seats within the group are taken by either accepted or pending users, you won’t be able to invite anyone else unless a user is removed from the group.


Q: How long does it take to provision my Bluemix subscription?

A: Your Bluemix subscription is provisioned as soon as possible, but it could take up to a week. If you have any issues or concerns, please complete the form for the Bluemix project office.

Q: What happens if I already have a Bluemix trial?

A: Your trial will be converted to a Bluemix subscription with 240 USD in credits toward paid services.

Note: Global Mobile Hackathon winners will not receive the 240 USD in Bluemix credits as part of their developerWorks Premium membership.

Q: What happens if I am a Bluemix Pay As You Go (PAYG) customer?

A:Your PAYG account will be converted to a Bluemix subscription with 240 USD in credits toward paid services.

Q: How many Bluemix credits do I get, and what if I go over?

A:As part of developerWorks Premium, you’re allocated 240 USD/year in free credits for Bluemix services. If you go over this amount, you will be charged for any overage.

Q: Where can I see current Bluemix credits?

A: You can see your current credits and other Bluemix subscription details in the Bluemix Account Usage area. Note that you will not see your usage summary section when your account has been active for less than 1 month. However, there is a breakdown of account usage on the same page that starts to show your usage as soon as you start any activity. Your credits will show in this table.

If your subscription is part of a group membership, your group shares the Bluemix credits and you will not see the allocated credits. Only the group purchaser can view these credits.

Q: Is my Bluemix subscription information shown on the developerWorks Premium page?

A: No. Bluemix account status and other account details are shown in the Bluemix Account Usage area on the Bluemix site. The developerWorks Premium page only shows your dW Premium member account status.

Q: What Bluemix support is available?

A: With your developerWorks Premium membership, you have access to a Bluemix engineer for how-to questions, minor application issues, or requests for enhancement. To get help, log in to Bluemix and click ‘Get Help’ from your account tray.


Note: As of September 28, 2016, SoftLayer will no longer be included in developerWorks Premium. However, if purchased a Premium membership prior to this date, you will still receive your SoftLayer benefit through the duration of your Premium membership.

Q: How do I access my SoftLayer benefit?

A: To use the benefit, first go to your developerWorks Premium page and click the button to reveal your SoftLayer Promotional Code. Then, go to the SoftLayer home page at https://www.softlayer.com. You’ll order your virtual server with 1 processor core, 2GB RAM, and 25GB SAN. Choose the data center to host your virtual server and select your operating system. Then check out by applying your SoftLayer promotional code (specifying the Hostname and Domain for your server) and supplying your credit card. Your credit card will only be charged if you exceed your 45 USD monthly credit. For detailed instructions, see the installation instructions.

Q: How many SoftLayer credits do I receive, and what if I go over?

A: As part of developerWorks Premium, you’re allowed 45 USD monthly credits. If you go over this amount, you will be charged for any overage.

Q: What is the difference between the Bluemix and SoftLayer cloud benefits?

A: The following table describes the differences.

SoftLayer Bluemix
Credits 45 USD/Month. Credits must be used within each month. They do not carry over to the next month. Unused credits carry over month to month. You have 240 USD/year in credits. If you go over 240 USD, you will be charged for the overage.
Overages/Billing You will be billed for any consumption over 45 USD/month. You will get billed for overage if your consumption exceeds your annual benefit of 240 USD.
Registration Requires a separate registration, including providing a credit card. dW Premium provides a promotional code with a value of 45 USD/month. Bluemix does not require a separate registration.
Activation The benefit is activated through a separate registration and uses a promotional code available through dW Premium. Bluemix is provisioned and is activated from the developerWorks Premium page.
Offering Scope Credits are limited to using a virtual machine – 1 processor core, 2GB of memory, and 25GB of storage. You will be billed for any use charges over 45 USD in any given month. All services within the Bluemix Platform are available for use. The 240 USD in credits can be applied toward any of the paid services. You will be billed for any charges over 240 USD.


Q: What is included with the GitHub benefit?

A:dW Premium includes a promotional code that you can use on GitHub to access a personal plan with unlimited private repositories for 30 days.

Q: How do I use my benefit on GitHub?

A: First, go to GitHub.com. Log in to your existing account or create a new account. Go to Settings > Billing and redeem the voucher code given. You’ll then have to choose your upgrade plan and apply the voucher code. For more details, see the installation instructions.

AT&T SIM Only (Trio) kit

Q: What is included with the AT&T SIM Only (Trio) kit benefit?

A: developerWorks Premium includes a promotional code that you can use to obtain an AT&T SIM Only (Tio) kit consisting of 1 test SIM card and limited data and SMS usage for 6 months at no charge. You also receive access to the AT&T Control Center and its real-time connectivity testing tools.

Q: Why is this only available in the United States?

A: AT&T only includes services across the United States at this time.

Q: How long can I use the SIM cards and data plan?

A: The free SIMs and service expire at the end of the 6-month promotional period.

Q: How do I use my benefit from AT&T?

A: Click starterkit.att.com and enter the developerWorks Premium promotional code provided through the dashboard. Fill out the information on the website to receive your free test SIMs and cellular connectivity service. Service is provided subject to the terms and conditions found on the AT&T website.

Skillsoft ITPro

Note: If you activated or renewed your Premium subscription on or after September 28, 2016, you will only receive the Skillsoft library as part of your membership.

Q: What is included with Skillsoft ITPro?

A: Skillsoft’s ITPro is an on-demand collection delivering the complete, unabridged content of thousands of books and documents in a fully searchable, web-based environment. With titles from over 120 publishers, you can find information on the hottest topics including agile development, Java programming, iOS, Node.js, PHP, and Swift.

Safari Books Online

Note: If you activated or renewed your Premium subscription before September 28, 2016, you will only receive the Safari Books Online library as part of your membership.

Q: Why does Chrome not play the videos on Safari?

A: Chrome does not support the NPAPI plugin. To fix this problem, see Google’s support page.

Q: Can I open Safari Books Online on my mobile device?

A: Yes, you can access your developerWorks Premium custom library on your mobile device. To do so, you must first install the Safari To go app on your device. You should log in on your mobile browser, then launch the books or videos using the Safari To Go app.

IBM Professional Certification

Q: What is included with the professional certification?

A: developerWorks Premium membership includes a voucher that you can use to take one IBM certification test at no charge. Over 250 IBM software certification tests are available to choose from. And for each certification test, the IBM Professional Certification Program points to recommended study material, plus a free sample test.


Q: What are the discounts for the various events?

A: Note that event discounts are limited and are on a first-come, first-serve basis. Currently, the available discounts are:

Event When/Where Registration price* Discount
Index 2018 20-22 February;
San Francisco, California
Various 20% off standard rate
Think 2018 19-22 March;
Las Vegas, Nevada
Various 50% off standard rate
* Registration prices are shown in USD unless otherwise noted.
Q: What event discounts have been offered through developerWorks Premium?

A: The following table shows past events that have been offered through developerWorks Premium to give you an idea of the types of events and their discounts.

Event Registration price* Discount
Strata Data Conference Various 20% off Gold, Silver, or Bronze package at time of registration
IBM Power Systems and IBM Storage Technical Conference 2495 10%
IBM Z Technical University 2495 10%
Node Summit 2017 645 30%
DeveloperWeek NY 2017 249 Complimentary OPEN DEV pass
Cloud Expo 2295 Complimentary VIP Gold pass (Up to 2295; Lunch is not included with the discounted pass)
Cloud Foundry Summit Silicon Valley 2017 745 Complimentary conference pass if you select Attendee registration (Savings $745)
Spark Summit 2017 1125-1495 15% off Conference and All-Access passes (as well as Training passes bought with either of these passes)
Strata Data Conference £1045-£1595 20% off Bronze, Silver, and Gold packages
OpenStack Summit 900 50% off full access pass
OSCON 1,745-2,895 25% off Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Training packages
IBM InterConnect 2017 2,295 50% off standard rate
IBM Connect 2017 1,895 50% off standard rate (Discount is valid for Client and Business Partner registration types)
Node.js Interactive North America 2016 600 20% off standard rate (Must use the Attendee registration to get the discount)
Watson Developer Conference 249 25% off standard rate
World of Watson 2,395 50% off standard rate
GitHub Universe 599 50 USD off General Admission ticket
Mobile Developer Summit 2016 INR 8000 20% off standard rate
Node.js Interactive Europe 2016 600 20% off standard rate (Must use the Sponsor registration and enter the access code to get the discount)
IBM Edge 2016 2,295 50% off standard rate
DataLayer 99-199 20% off
TechCrunch Disrupt 2,995 49% off standard rate
Node Summit 2016 – San Francisco 1,045 25% off standard rates (Limited quantities remaining)
Shape | AT&T Tech Expo 2016, San Francisco 50 USD discount
Devoxx UK 2016 £175-£485 15% off early bird and standard rates
Strata+Hadoop World – London £845-£1395 20% off Bronze, Silver, and Gold packages
(Price is subject to change by the conference hosts)
Signal 2016 549 20%
O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference 1695-2495 25% off Bronze, Silver, and Gold packages
Insight 2015 895-2495 50%
IBM Connect 2016 1795 50% off standard rate
IBM InterConnect 2016 2095 50% off standard rate
O’Reilly Fluent Conference 2016 1545 25% off any regular Fluent pass (2-day passes and higher)
Black Hat Asia 2016 1349 200 USD off Briefing Pass
QCon London £1330 £60 off standard rate
Velocity NY 2015, Velocity Amsterdam 2015 1345-3045 25%
Agile Development, Better Software, DevOps 2015 745-3095 25%
Strata+Hadoop World 1195-1895 20%
DevOps Enterprise Summit 2015 1232-1440 (Price after discount) 15%
IBM Vision 2016 1695 25% off the standard rate
GitHub Satellite 2016 €349 30% off the standard rate
TechSparks 2016 Rs 12500 50% off standard rate

Additional support

Q: How can I get support?

A:developerWorks Premium provides community-enabled support for all subscribers through the developerWorks Premium community.

Q: What do I do if I cannot access anything on developerWorks Premium and cannot reach the support forum?

A: If you’re having issues accessing developerWorks Premium, please contact us through our feedback form and we’ll look into your issue and help you get access.

Terms and conditions

See the developerWorks Premium Terms and conditions.

Other Terms and Conditions: