Lennart Frantzell

Developer Advocate

BlockchainPythonArtificial intelligenceSoftware developmentHyperledger FabricWatson Assistant

San Francisco

Lennart is a Developer Advocate at IBM in the heart of the SoMa-district in San Francisco. He has long experience with the startup market in Silicon Valley starting by productising pototypes from IBM Research for the commercial field, starting with expert systems in the 80:s. Today he works with Blockchain technology such as Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Composer, and in other tech fields, the IBM Blockchain in the IBM Cloud, and also various Watson services and in a lesser capacity, Fintech.

He thrives among the startups in San Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver, Portland and Malmö in his native Sweden.

He engages with developers and startups, does Meetups, industry events and above all Hackathons and he blogs on Medium https://medium.com/@lennartfr, walks in the mountains and enjoys his very great but very small grand daughter.

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