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Ananda Murthy

Tech SalesDeveloper Advocate

    API ManagementObject storageContainersContinuous deliveryContinuous integrationData managementConversationDevOpsData storageIT InfrastructureMicroservicesPlatform as a servicePythonQuantum computingServerlessSecuritySoftware developmentApache KafkaApache OpenWhiskcontainerdDockerHelmIBM CloudIBM Cloud Pak for DataIBM LinuxONEKnativeKubernetesMicroProfilePrometheusCloudOn premisesEdge computingFinanceRetailLinuxNode.jsCloud FoundryJupyter NotebookRed Hat OpenShift on IBM CloudTektonTensorFlowCloud native development tools on IBM ZAppsodyTelecommunications, Media & Entertainment


    Anand comes with a rich experience of 17 years of learning in Enterprise, is an Open Source Enthusiast, Technology Orator and Speaker at various conferences. Has Designed & Architected 1st of its kind solutions like OpenStack, Software Storage and Container platform, to name a few. He has worked in various customer facing technology roles in Top Open Source Enterprise Companies including Red Hat, SUSE, Sun Microsystems and IBM, presently with GTS Red Hat CoE as Senior Cloud Architect and Developer Advocate.

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