Developer Advocate


Brian Innes is a Watson IoT Developer Advocate and inspires developers to build solutions with the powerful Watson IoT capabilities, Watson Cognitive APIs and IBM Cloud. He helps developers create IoT solutions and adopt modern DevOps centric processes and tooling when creating solutions.

Brian has held many technical roles in IBM, primarily focussing on edge of network capabilities, including Mobile, Sensors and Actuators (RFID) and now Internet of Things. Brian has lead the creation of developer self-learning, MOOC style content in IBM, with the first developerWorks MOOC on IBM Cloud and then the IoT courses on the Coursera platform.

Brian has been in IT for many years after gaining a BSC (Hons) degree from the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne. Initially starting out as a developer in the finance industry, but then moving to to more technology and developer focussed roles after joining IBM.

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