Daniela Zuppini

Developer Advocate

IBM Ecosystem Advocacy Group, Watson and Cloud Platform, IoT Solution Architect

I am an IT Architect working in the Ecosystem Advocacy Team and my role is to guide IBM partners in embracing innovation using emerging technologies

I have a true passion for digital innovation. I have also demonstrated my commitment to the development of a new generation of technology leaders as a mentor, both internally with IBM and through several global industry organizations.

My area of expertise are Machine Learning, Deep Learning, IoT, Blockchain and IBM Cloud architecture design.
I discovered Machine Learning and Deep Learning thanks to IoT solution and my github are related to some fundamental components on Machine Learning models.
I'm currently mentor for Deeplearning.ai Convolutional Neural Networks class on Coursera and I'm member of Italy Technology Expert Council.

I've a degree in experimental Physics and some publications dated to my university studies.

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