Debasish Banerjee

Software EngineerDeveloper Advocate

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Debasish Banerjee, Ph.D, Executive Architect, IBM is a seasoned thought leader, hands-on architect, and practitioner of leading edge technologies with a proven track record of advising and working with many Fortune 500 customers in the USA, Europe, and Asia with various IBM products and strategies. His work has resulted in significant IBM business revenues and successful adoption of strategic IBM products. Presently as the lead architect, he is leading the collaborative development effort with IBM Research for Mono2Micro, an AI-based utility for automatically transforming monoliths to microservices. As a liaison from IBM, he started working in Container as a Service (CaaS) technology with Docker Inc. Application transformation, refactoring monoliths to microservices and microservice deployment are his present areas of interest. Debasish obtained his Ph. D. degree in combinator based functional programming languages.

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