Facundo Martin Gordillo

Developer Advocate


Developer Advocate in the beautiful city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

My teammates:
  • Horacio Cuervo (hcuervo@ar.ibm.com)
  • Fiorella Altobelli (Fiorella.Altobelli@ibm.com)
  • Andres Arpi (Andres.Arpi@ibm.com)

Current (and non-current) knowledge:
✓ Javascript (React, Angular, Electron)
✓ Ruby on Rails
✓ Java (Spring) & Android
 □ Cloud (PaaS)
✓ Watson services
✓ Cloudant, MongoDB, dashDB
 □ iOS
 □ IaaS
 □ Machine Learning and AI

I am aiming to be the best technical influencer in Argentina, I count with all of you!

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