Greg Gorman

Developer AdvocateSoftware Engineer

IoTConversationVisual recognitionKnowledge discoveryCloudSpeech and empathyLinuxPHPPythonSoftware developmentWatson DiscoveryNode-REDMQTT

Greg is the Global Director of Operations, Infrastructure and Open Source for the Developer Ecosystem Group. Greg’s team creates content for and runs the and the IBM Coder sites. His team is also responsible for IBM’s Call for Code program and all the developer-focused social media and video production. His team also creates and supports all of our online education. Greg joined IBM through acquisition in 2008 from Telelogic AB, Prior to Telelogic, Greg was with McDonnell Aircraft Corp. and Honeywell Air Transport, where he led a software and systems team creating crew station displays for fighter aircraft and commercial jetliners. Greg graduated from the University of Missouri and is an AIPMM Certified Product Manager and INCOSE Expert Systems Engineering Professional. In his spare time Greg mentors a FIRST Robotics team in Allen, TX, inspiring young people to become engineers. You'll also find him out on his boat soaking up the sunshine in the summer and testing his Eagle Scout skills out in the bush!

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