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Jody Burks

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Jody Burks is the IBM Quantum Academic Partner Technical Lead. She is also a Federated Developer Advocate, Senior Quantum Computing Ambassador and Quantum Technical Ambassador with IBM in Houston, TX. She is a computational biochemist by training, with a PhD in Biochemistry from Auburn University (6 publications). Her PhD research focused on relationships between chemical structure and function in viruses and bacterial noncoding/structural RNAs, and involved bioinformatics coding and data analysis such as biological sequence database maintenance and comparative sequence analysis, and also 3D molecular structure modeling. She taught biostatistics, virology and organic chemistry as an assistant professor for a couple of years, then moved into industrial R&D as a chemist. After generating 9 patent applications (7 issued at present) and three publications she came to IBM where she could use her data science and computational skills in addition to her chemistry training. She delivers workshops and guest lectures on quantum computing, cloud, AI and data science. She also has experience with web application and webpage development with front end stack.

In her spare time, Jody loves traveling with her little one, creative arts and learning new things, and is rebuilding after Hurricane Harvey's flooding.

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