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Joe Sepi

OS DeveloperDeveloper Advocate

JavaScriptDatabasesDevOpsCloudServerlessContainersNode.jsWeb developmentContinuous deliveryContinuous integrationMicroservicesSoftware developmentCloud FoundryLoopBackNode-REDIBM CloudReactApache OpenWhiskFront-end development

New York

Joe Sepi is passionate about advancing the web forward through open source technologies and open communities. He has held engineering leadership positions at companies such as The New York Times, Adobe, Credit Suisse and Sears. Considering he enjoys interacting with people as much as code, he splits his time between engineering and evangelism/advocacy at IBM. Joe Sepi joined IBM as the Lead Developer Evangelist for the StrongLoop Team, ran the NYC Team of Developer Advocates and is now an open source engineer working on Node.js for the OpenTech team. He also plays in two punk rock bands, hits the dirt trails on his enduro and enjoys time with his family. (Not in that order)

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