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Nigel Jones

Developer AdvocateSoftware DeveloperSoftware Engineer

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LF AI & Data Egeria maintainer Egeria is an open source project dedicated to making metadata open and automatically exchanged between tools and platforms, no matter which vendor they come from. http://egeria.ai . Our principles are that metadata must be open,access ubiquitous, and well integrated. We've developed an open source project that addresses these challenges and encourage anyone interested to get involved Egeria is part of the Linux Foundation's LF AI & Data organization which brings together a number of initiatives in the data and AI space. Check out the landscape at https://landscape.lfai.foundation/ . IBM is a key contributor, alongside ING Bank & SAS Analytics, with other companies also involved I've been involved since the project's inception a few years ago, and over time we have built the project and our skills both in the metadata domain, as well as in how to set up and drive an open source project. I am Release lead and get involved in anything from reviewing PRs, nitty gritty debug/trace into native code, feeding back issues to the OpenJ9 team, improving our ci/ci pipeline with github actions, hacking java code, trying to do a blog or wiki notes, or authoring Helm charts & Kubernetes operators to deploy to OpenShift in IBMCloud. I also developed a framework for our first labs based around Jupyter notebooks, using python and containers to help developers get up to speed with egeria & am keen to help others get engaged in the project.

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