Karim Deif

Developer Advocate


    I'm a Client Developer Advocate in Egypt. I am a passionate micro-service developer focused on OpenShift, Cloud Paks, and really enjoy working with AI, specifically Watson Assistant and Watson Discovery. I have experience in the design and implementation of CI/CD and DevOps processes on RedHat OpenShift and IBM Cloud. Expert in Back-end API development and Front-End web and mobile development using Java, Go, Python, NodeJS, Kotlin, Swift and Dart. Advanced administration experience on Linux and System Z. Intermediate/Advanced knowledge of AI and ML on IBM Cloud and IBM Cloud Pak for Data, including Watson Studio, SPSS, Watson Assistant, and Watson Discovery. Specific areas of expertise are cloud systems automation and architecture and specialities encompass agile and lean development practices. Additionally, open source software strategy, identification, evaluation, selection, implementation and documentation. Passion for application modernization on Red Hat OpenShift, IBM Cloud Pak for Integration, and IBM Cloud Pak for Applications.

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