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M Khairul Habib M

Developer Advocate

Continuous integrationContinuous deliveryJavaPythonSoftware developmentServerlessMicroservicesMachine learningArtificial intelligenceApache KafkaAndroidDockerHelmIBM CloudIBM Cloud FunctionsIBM Cloud Pak for IntegrationIBM Cloud Code EngineIBM Cloud Pak for DataJava PlatformKubernetesWatson APIsTektonRed Hat OpenShift on IBM CloudPrometheusOpen LibertyIstioKnativeJupyter NotebookMicroProfileWatson StudioCloudOn premisesDevOpsAPI ManagementOpen-source developmentFinanceRetailObject storagePlatform as a serviceData scienceContainersApplication Modernization

Habib started his career working as a Software Developer in the Banking Industry for 8 years, before joining the startup revolution. Habib has background as a backend developer with core competencies in Java, Python and GoLang. During his free time, he enjoying contributing to open source and keeping up with new coding tools/frameworks, exploring local food and travelling with his family.

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