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Khalil Faraj

Developer Advocate

JavaMobile developmentJavaScriptDatabasesSoftware developmentDockerAndroidIBM CloudCloudArtificial intelligenceData sciencePythonMicroservicesMachine learningIBM SPSS ModelerWatson DiscoveryWatson APIsJupyter NotebookWatson AssistantWatson StudioNode-REDIBM Cloud FunctionsIBM PowerAICloud FoundryContainers


Khalil Faraj is a Developer Advocate at IBM. He studied Computer Science and has a Master's degree in Software Engineering from the University of Southampton. He is a tech enthusiast, an app developer especially in Android, and has experience in multiple programming languages including Java, Javascript, and Kotlin. He is interested in building and developing smart applications that rely on AI & Machine Learning APIs. Currently he is focusing on Data and AI.

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