Kyleni Rivers

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I'm a Software Developer in Cloud and Cognitive Systems. I like to understand how the system functions from the hardware side to the software side. Just makes things more lucid. I fail, I succeed, but that is the fun in what I do. Figuring out where I lacking, and working to make myself better in those areas, and continue to sustain others. Since I love sharing knowledge, improving skills is not just for me, but the next person, so I can do a knowledge transfer. With just a little knowledge, and the right resources, one person could make a beneficial impact. Call for Code Em(brace) projects' purposes, Diversity Representation, Police and Judicial Reform, and Policy and Legislative Reform, are things I think about daily. Immediately knew, I wanted to help make a change with like-minded colleagues. I couldn't choose one, so I choose 3 sub-issues, but all are significant matters some countries face. If you want change, you need to start with yourself first, instead of telling others what they need to do. I strive to make a positive change relating to racial injustice, whether it is in healthcare, judicial system, workforce, school, etcetera. To make coding not seem so serious, I am also on the committee board for IBM's Pollinate. Pollinate is a peer-led conference with workshops, talk, and crafty activities across all disciplines, where they all come together and learn from one another. I always been interested in arts, so finding an interconnection between arts, coding, and advocacy, is win for me!

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