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My name is Michael Maximilien, better known as max or dr.max, and I am a currently a computer scientist with IBM having worked with various divisions.

At IBM Research Triangle Park, I was a principal engineer for the worldwide industry point-of-sale standard: JavaPOS. At IBM Research, I was a research scientist and did pioneering research on semantic Web services, mashups, and cloud computing, as well as platform-as-a-service. I joined the IBM Cloud Labs in 2014 as Chief Architect for Cloud Innovations working closely with Pivotal Inc., to help make the Cloud Foundry Open Source Platform-as-a-Service the best PaaS on the planet.

My main expertise are in areas of software engineering and distributed systems. I have published over 65 refereed papers with citations count on GoogleScholar over 3600 and I hold 14 issued US patents. I am an avid amateur triathlete who has completed more than 10 half Ironman and one full Ironman and more than 20 marathons.

Find me on Twitter @maximilien

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