Mo Haghighi

Geo-Team Leader

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Mo Haghighi is IBM’s head of Developer Ecosystems in Europe, former Research Scientist at INTEL and former Java and Open Source developer at Sun Microsystems. At Intel, Mo had worked with UK government, leading academic institutes and SMEs to pull cutting edge research through into product applications. He had also worked as an Ambassador/Evangelist at Sun Microsystems/Oracle, where he collaborated with a large group of developers and engineers to build communities around Java, cloud and open source platforms. Mo's expertise primarily lies in the areas of distributed computing, blockchain, embedded systems and AI, with several publications and patents in those areas. Mo has been a regular keynote speaker at various conference including IEEE/ACM conferences, JavaOne, Pycon, DevRelCon, CloudConf, The Next Web, Open Data Science Conference and O’Reilly. He conducted his PhD in an industrial collaboration involving several enterprise organisations in one of the UK’s leading research initiative in complexity science. He has held multiple R&D positions in various European projects including forensic analysis of IoT networks with the European Commission, and multidisciplinary collaboration in smart city projects involving several European countries. Mo is a recognised Intel Innovator with patents in IoT, Blockchain and machine learning.

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