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I bake Data to tell Stories. 3+ years of experience in Creating and Advocating Digital Business Cognitive Solutions for IBM System Integrators, Partners and Clients. I have designed, developed and documented Code Patterns in the area of Natural Language Processing using Machine learning and Neural Networks. I also have a file-rated Patent in the field of Natural Language Processing and Process Intelligence. Along with that, I have developed applications and solved use cases in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Text Summarization, Recommendation Engines and Chatbots with VR capabilities using Python for Data Science, open-source ML and DL libraries and IBM Watson Services. I have been working to develop and open-source solutions to the industry problems identified by IBM System Integrators for the developers. The solutions are the modular generic code snippets. As a Data Scientist in the IBM Code Patterns team, I design, code and support our solution to a particular problem with an architecture diagram, detailed documentation of the solution, Video, blogs, and git issue support. I work as a Developer Advocate too. Therefore, involved in conducting workshops and enablement sessions for System Integrators and Clients in events (Capgemini TechFiesta), Conferences, NASSCOM, NITI AYOG-Atal Tinkering Labs(conducted a special workshop for kids of age group between 12-17 yrs on Data and AI). I love clicking pictures and writing on them.

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