Ronen Siman Tov

Developer Advocate

Natural language processingComputer visionMachine learningIoTJavaJavaScriptDatabasesNode.jsAPI ManagementFinanceBlockchainContainersServerlessApache OpenWhiskCloud FoundryDockerHyperledgerHyperledger FabricIBM API ConnectIBM CloudKubernetesMQTTNode-REDWatson DiscoveryWatson AssistantWatson StudioCloudOn premises


I serve as the CTO of IBM's Alpha Zone accelerator and the leader of all Blockchain activities in IBM Israel. I am a Certified Thought Leader IT architect and a member of the prestigious IBM SPGI TEC organization which is a forum of the technological leaders of IBM Europe that aims to solve the most challenging technological issues that are presented by the industry. I hold a M.Sc degree from Ben Gurion University (A.I. & Robotics), with more than 20 years of experience in the development & management of complex software systems.

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