Samer Fouad

Developer Advocate

Samer Fouad is a Developer Advocate at IBM Egypt. He is a top graduate holding Bachelor degree in Computer Science Distinction with Honors ranked Fourth on his class in June 2016, During college years he took some additional courses in the exchange program from University of the District of Columbia [UDC], He is passionate about cloud transformation with IBM Cloud and Watson Services. He is very Interested in Data Science, AI, Blockchain, DevOps and Micro-services world, He is eager to learn new cutting edge technologies. He was leading University Tech Club competitions section beside having a good teaching skills. He has a concrete experience in Business Intelligence and Web Development as well as a considerable experience in Reporting and Data Visualizations beside being passionate for Entrepreneurship.
Before graduation he decided to start his own Tech-Startup in his final year of college focusing on developing and delivering Business Intelligence solutions targeting SMEs.

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