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I am a Client Developer Advocate guiding Integrated Account teams, GSIs and ISVs across EMEA. I have extensive experience working with these typically large organisations and understanding their developer, engineer or data scientist requirements. I approach the client to explore their organisation and strategy from a top down perspective, but also importantly wha runs across the organisation at the grass roots with the communities that typically exist. As a CICS Developer for 5 years and earlier responsible for supporting the CD/CI tool for CICS development I am experienced developer with good broad knowledge across many technology areas. As well as a Diploma in Strategic Marketing Management, I have had many client facing roles including a period in technical support for early AI or expert systems. This enables me to provide excellent advocacy to the clients. I have extensive experience with innovation partners whether startups, scale-ups or established ISVs, in various industry ecosystems, both from a Technical perspective and Commercial perspective, providing strong guidance and business development insight. The world of innovation and ecosystem is rich with new developers that IBM needs to reach since they many are on AWS, Azure or GCP and are potential Trojan Horses into IBM's existing clients. Plus there is good reward through LinkedIn and MeetUps to Incubators and Innovation Hubs, meeting between 2 and 10 per week leading to a influence reach of each of between 2 and 20 developers (average), and therefore a total of 4-200 per week!

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