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Animesh Singh

Hybrid Cloud Build Team

ContainersMachine learningGovernanceAnalyticsArtificial intelligenceData managementServerlessVisual recognitionData scienceMicroservicesDeep learningDevOpsKnativeIstioApache KafkaApache OpenWhiskJupyter NotebookWatson Machine Learning AcceleratorIBM PowerAIIBM CloudCloud FoundryKubernetesPyTorchcontainerdIBM Cloud Pak for DataMAX - Model Asset eXchangeNatural language processingPlatform as a serviceData storageObject storageDatabases

IBM CTO for Watson AI/ML Open Technology. Watson Distinguished Engineer and Executive, responsible for Watson AI/ML Platform Open Technology strategy, architecture and execution, delivering joint IBM Watson and Red Hat technical roadmap and products, working with Watson customers and partners, leading IBM leadership and engagement in Linux Foundation Data and AI, Trusted AI (AI Fairness, Robustness and Explainability) and MLOps (Kubeflow, ML Pipelines, ML Serving) communities. Hasled globally dispersed teams, managed globally distributed projects, and served as a trusted adviser to Fortune 500 firms. Drove the strategy and execution for Kubeflow, OpenDataHub and in products like IBM Cloud Private for Data, Watson OpenScale and Watson Machines Learning. In the past, led IBM Developer launch, first IBM public cloud offering launch, launched initiatives around Kubernetes and Istio, Bluemix (Cloud Foundry) launch and worked with associated customers in the telco, banking, and healthcare industries

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