City-Team Leader


New Bio: Spencer is a developer advocate inside IBM's Digital Business Group. He has worked in several Open Source communities including Vox Pupuli and OpenStack. Spencer helped with the DevOps meetup in Portland as well as DevOpsDays PDX. Now living in Minneapolis, Spencer is a data scientist in training, working on the rich data produced by competitive esports. Spencer has been speaking and writing on tech since 2013. 

Old Bio: Spencer (nibalizer) Krum (http://spencerkrum.com) has been sysoping Linux since 2010. He works for IBM contributing upstream to OpenStack  and Puppet. Spencer is a core contributor to the OpenStack  Infrastructure Project. Spencer coordinates the local DevOps user group  in Portland and volunteers for an ops-training program at Portland State  University called the Braindump. Spencer is a published author and  frequent speaker at technical conferences. Spencer is a maintainer for  the voxpupuli effort(https://voxpupuli.org), which attempts to bring  together a network of Puppet developers, modules, and infrastructure.
Spencer lives and works in Minneapolis where he enjoys tennis, cheeseburgers and StarCraft II.

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