Svetlana Levitan

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Svetlana Levitan is a Developer Advocate with CODAIT, located in Chicago, IL. Previously she was a software engineer, a technical team leader, and a software architect for IBM SPSS Analytic components. She led the implementation of many statistical and machine learning algorithms for SPSS products and for Watson Studio. Svetlana is representing IBM in the Data Mining Group, a consortium working on PMML standard. PMML is an open standard used by more than 30 companies for representing statistical and data mining models in XML. PMML allows easy and error-free model deployment and model exchange between different products. Svetlana is also actively working on ONNX, an open neural network exchange format first introduced in 2017 by Microsoft and Facebook and now supporting all major deep learning frameworks.
Svetlana got her PhD in Applied Mathematics and MS in Computer Science from University of Maryland, College Park.
She likes to learn new technologies and to share her expertise. In addition to work, she likes spending her time with her family, traveling, and reading books.

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