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My name is Simon Moser, and I am a Senior Technical Staff Member at the IBM Germany Research & Development location in Böblingen, Germany. I have been with IBM since 2003, where I am currently the lead architect for the IBM Cloud Code Engine Service, IBM Clouds flagship offering for Serverless 2.0. Prior to that, I have been a tech leader in the Cloud Foundry based IBM Bluemix Offering. I am interested in many aspects of clouds and distributed systems, emphasising on technologies that allow systems to manage themselves. After receiving my M.Eng., I started my career in various development roles around application servers and Business Process Management, and started to embark on my Cloud Computing journey in 2010. Along the way, I have been chairing various program and steering committees (e.g. BPM and OASIS TOSCA), have been publishing many papers and given many talks at various international conferences. I hold 17 issued US patents and have published more than 50 refereed papers that have a read count of 5,748 and a citation count of 1,161 on On top, I have adjunct lecturer appointments at the University of Jena & University of Esslingen, Germany. In my spare time, I am a proud dad and sometime I torture various musical instruments. Find me on Twitter @mosersd

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