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Steve Martinelli

Developer AdvocateOS DeveloperSoftware DeveloperSoftware Engineer

PythonConversationKnowledge discoveryVisual recognitionDatabasesJavaMobile developmentObject StorageLinuxInfrastructureSoftware developmentContinuous integrationCloud FoundryWatson AssistantWatson StudioIBM CloudWatson DiscoveryKubernetesWatson Machine Learning AcceleratorDockerPlatform as a ServiceSecurityServerlessJavaScriptArtificial intelligenceContainersDevOpsJupyter NotebookIBM Cloud Pak for DataIBM Cloud Pak for ApplicationsIBM PowerAIRed Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud

I'm a software developer living in Toronto, Canada. I’ve been lucky enough to travel for work, speak at conferences, and even write a book. I blog at

A little bit more ... I’m a Senior Technical Staff Member (STSM) at IBM, where I’m focused on delivering developer advocacy content related to app development, cloud, containers, artificial intelligence, data science. Prior to my current role I worked on upstream OpenStack features; internal tools for generating compatibility reports across all IBM products; and developing WebSphere Application Server’s configuration tools. Aside from whipping up features and fixing bugs I tend to find myself in leadership roles whereby my knack for organization can be used for good. I find immense satisfaction in automating solutions, helping people save time and effort, and creating documentation.

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