Steve Martinelli

Developer Advocate


Steve Martinelli is an STSM, Senior Technical Staff Member and Engineering Manager at IBM. He focuses on delivering applications that showcase IBM's Cognitive, Data and Analytics portfolio. Previously, Steve was contributor to OpenStack, an open source project that provides Infrastructure-as-a-Service. He focused on its Identity, Authentication and Authorization service, code named Keystone. In 2015 he began to serve as Keystone's Project Team Lead (PTL), a position he maintained for 18 months, where he focused on enabling Keystone to better integrate into enterprise environments.

Steve was responsible for adding Federated Identity and OAuth support to Keystone and was one of the leading contributors to Keystone to Keystone federation support for interoperable hybrid cloud enablement. Steve is also a frequent contributor to the OpenStackClient project, a command-line client for OpenStack that brings the Compute, Identity, Image, Object Storage and Block Storage APIs together into a single unified and easily consumable command line interface.

From 2016 to 2017 Steve began serving on OpenStack's Technical Committee, which provides technical leadership for OpenStack as a whole, an ultimate appeals board for technical decisions and general oversight. Steve has spoken at various OpenStack Summits, Centre for Advanced Students Conference (CASCON), and at the Cloud Identity Summit. Steve is a co-author of Identity, Authentication & Access Management in OpenStack, a book published by O'Reilly Media in 2015. Steve received his B.ASc. in Computer Engineering from York University in Toronto, Ontario, where he continues to reside.

Speaker Profile:

  • OpenStack Summit Atlanta - May 2014 - Federated Identity Support for OpenStack Clouds
  • OpenStack Summit Paris - November 2014 - Keystone to Keystone Federation
  • OpenStack Summit Vancouver - May 2015 - Enabling real-world interoperable hybrid cloud
  • OpenStack Summit Vancouver - May 2015 - Keystone advanced authentication methods
  • OpenStack Summit Vancouver - May 2015 - New Advances in Federated Identity
  • Cloud Identity Summit - June 2015 - Building IAM for OpenStack
  • IBM Center for Advanced Studies - August 2015 - OpenStack Security and Research Challenges
  • OpenStack Summit Tokyo - October 2015 - Federated Identity Support for OpenStack Clouds
  • OpenStack Summit Austin - May 2016 - Experiences and Priorities for Private Cloud Keystone and Public
  • OpenStack Summit Barcelona - October 2016 - PTLs and Cores: We are Not as Scary as You Think
  • OpenStack Summit Barcelona - October 2016 - Your CLI User Experience Matter, OpenStackClient 101
  • IBM Center for Advanced Studies - November 2016 - Openstack Identity, Community Needs, and Integration Points

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