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Yi-Hong Wang

Developer AdvocateSoftware Developer

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Yi-Hong Wang is a software and performance engineer in IBM. He joined IBM since 2004 and work on development jobs mostly. He also worked on performance engineering for 2-3 years, mainly in Java profiling and performance tuning. He always enjoy the learning of new technologies, from understanding to implementation and enhancement. Using software development to handle the routine works is his favorite exercise. If he needs to repeatedly fulfill a task, he will find a way to simplify the process or write a program to handle the task automatically.

    He started to program on raspberry pi since 2015, from controlling a servo motor to a remote control car for his kid. The speech module he wrote in Humix platform performs the Speech-to-Text and Text-to-Speech by leveraging IBM Watson services. Blueprinting his idea and print out the objects by 3D printer is one of his interest and turns him into a maker.

    Biking and hiking are the best ways to help him to cook new ideas. Riding the fixed gear is sort of freedom to him. A bike for commute and for few tricks. No boundary for a bike, no boundary for his mind.

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