Thank you for participating in the IBM Security App Exchange. IBM offers you many different ways to market your validated application or extension, and your company itself. Once validated, your application will be posted to the IBM Security App Exchange and IBM will also offer you the opportunity to host your supporting marketing materials on this portal.

Please provide the following prior to the validation and posting of your application:

  • Solution Brief – IBM has a customizable template for you to fill out where you can describe the value of your QRadar application. The idea is for you to position the application relative to QRadar (include the base QRadar capabilities it leverages), describe the incremental value your app delivers on top of QRadar, the additional customer business problem(s) solved, and the overall business value of the combined solution. To edit the solution brief, follow these steps:
    • Delete the text box saying Partner logo here.
    • Click the gray rectangular box.
    • n the Drawing Tools – Format tab, in the Shape Styles group, click the arrow next to Shape Fill, and then click Picture.
    • If you do not see the Format tab, make sure that you have selected the rectangle. You might have to double-click the rectangle to open the Format tab.
    • Locate the folder that contains your logo file, click the file, and then click Insert.
    • While your logo is selected, go to the Picture Tools – Format tab.
    • In the Size group, click the arrow under Crop. Then, click Fit.
  • Powerpoint Slide – describe your solution, its integration with QRadar, and the incremental customer value it provides. It is suggested that you include a screen shot in the slide . This powerpoint could be a summary of the Solution Brief above.
  • A Brief Video – provide a video that lasts 3 minutes or less that describes your solution and its value. The video can contain a talking head, screenshot(s), diagrams, etc depicting your application and how it combines with QRadar to form a compelling customer solution.

    Here is document with some tips for creating your demonstration using Camtasia.

  • Press Release – if you desire to release a press release, we provide a draft press release. Please work with Meghan McGowan at if you want to pursue a press release, as IBM will need to review this prior to your release. Please refer to our PR guidelines as you prepare your press release press release guidelines.

    Additionally, IBM has several other resources you can use to further highlight your solution:

  • Security Intelligence Blog – author a blog describing your thought leadership, highlights about your company’s expertise, and how you work with IBM to improve the customer’s security. Details on how and what to contribute to the blog can be found here.
  • IBM developerWorks Community – develop your own IBM developerWorks community where you can blog, post materials, host forums and link back to your company’s Website to provide detailed information to prospects and partners. More information can be found here.
  • Provide newsletter and Blog materials on the integrated solution. Keep visibility to your application active by submitting periodic newsletter articles and social media content.

    The IBM Security App Exchange White Paper is located here.