IOT Review

IoT SolutionAn IoT solution is a set of devices and sensors that are connected to a cloud platform through a gatewayIoT is the result of the convergence of several technologies, including wireless communications, micro-electrical systems, and the internet.The truly transformative use of IoT is to combine structured and unstructured data with cognitive analytics.IoT in the...  Continue reading IOT Review

IBM IoT Cloud Developer Mastery Award preparation guide

Introduction to the Internet of ThingsIOT Solution : Device connected to cloud platform.Cloud Platform: Infrastracture for manage, store, secure, analize large amount of data to extract insights Thing: any object that can transfere data over networkIOT Platform: provide capablities to bring objects online  Types of IOT Platform1) Consumer Platform : like IBM, Microsoft, Amazon    Providedevice managmentVisualizationConnect...  Continue reading IBM IoT Cloud Developer Mastery Award preparation guide