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Build your own Watson controlled kettle!

Many IoT platforms enable remote devices to send in readings, the Watson IoT Platform also supports doing the converse - sending commands to the remote...

Experiments with Bluetooth and Watson

Trying out the very latest functionality of the ESP32/Arduino SDK this demonstrates how to connect Bluetooth Low Energy beacons to the Watson IoT Platform.

Connect an ESP32 to the Watson IoT Platform!

The long anticipated ESP32 is now finally starting to be available , and the Arduino extensions to make it easily programmed are becoming usable. This...

Run an ESP8266/Arduino as a IBM Watson IoT Platform managed device

What is a “managed device"?Being a managed device in the IBM Watson IoT Platform adds powerful capabilities to remotely manage the device and do such...

Use HTTP to send data to the IBM Watson IoT Platform from an ESP8266

Why use HTTP instead of MQTT? HTTP can be useful in some environments, for example, if a firewall blocks non-HTTP port 80 traffic, or perhaps...

Connect an ESP8266 with the Arduino SDK to the IBM Watson IoT Platform

First you’ll need an ESP8266 There are a variety of types to choose from, all of them should work, here i’m using a NodeMCU style...

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