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Things to consider when building a last mile delivery platform

This recipe focuses on identifying important factors in last mile technology that needs to be considered when building a last mile delivery platform.

Things to Consider when Setting Up Digital Assets Management Solution in Cloud

This recipe describes different areas to be considered when setting up a digital asset management solution in Cloud.

What you should Consider for Cloud Cost Estimations

This article focuses on providing a basic understanding of the dynamics of cloud cost estimations and to provide practical insights and guidelines to carry out...

Using Serverless Video Transcoding for Web and Mobile Viewing

Serverless Services When we are looking at using Serverless Services for Video Transcoding, Transcoding itself is a part of the process in serving Web and...

Things to Know Before Migrating a Data Warehouse to the Cloud

Migration Plan Before starting any data warehouse migration, it is required to evaluate both the current data warehouse solution and the Cloud provider. This helps...

How Solutions Architecture Affects the Total Cost of Ownership in Cloud

This post covers the details of how solutions architecture affects the total cost of ownership of an application deployed in Cloud.

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