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Converting a BPM Business Object to a string

This recipe details the steps needed to convert a Business Object (BO) into a string, and return it back into a BO as needed. This...

Starting a BPM process via REST call

How to utilize BPM rest API to start a process. Extra notes for bypassing SSO login procedures.

Posting HTML Form Data in BPM

This recipe will provide an example of using a coach view to programatically implement html form based data submission (important for integration with systems that...

CSV generator (BPM Coach View)

Uses a comma separated string to generate a CSV file that can be downloaded and opened in Excel.

Bypassing the new Spark UI Table/Select box limitations for String values

How to use "Single Select" coach views inside of Table elements, to select String values, without updating the entire list.

How to build a variable event listener in BPM

Custom code implementation that creates an event listener to listen to BPM Business Object changes.

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